Synthetic Turf

With the installation of Synthetic Turf Con-Kel can make your world much greener. Manufacturers have developed synthetic turf in various colors and heights making it look more natural than ever. It is growing in popularity, especially with people looking for low maintenance solutions.

On Long Island, many don’t realize the benefits of laying synthetic turf. The long-term costs are minimal, being that there is little to no maintenance required. Additionally, synthetic turf is pesticide-free making it safe for adults, kids, and pets. By going this route, you also need not to worry about polluting the environment, or random spots losing their color due to lack of nutrients.

We understand as a home or business owner, you want your lawn to look its very best. If you are thinking about having Synthetic Turf installed for your home or business, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the landscape Con-Kel can create for you.

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