Tree Services

Con-Kel Landscaping provides complete tree services including tree removal, stump grinding, pruning and infestation prevention.

Tree pruning and removal is a delicate service that has to be performed properly. Con-Kel has a competent team of certified tree care safety specialists. Certified Arborists and Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) are all on staff to provide the best service possible for all your tree care and pruning needs.

The proper care of your trees means that they will live longer and be less prone to infestation. They will have a beautiful appearance and compliment any structure so regular pruning is a necessity.

  • Correct pruning includes sunlight penetration and ventilation to the interior of the plant
  • Dead limb removal sustains flourishing appearance and averts limbs from deterioration in harsh weather conditions.
  • A tree that is maintained well is less prone to disease and infestation
  • Maintenance of your trees can also add value to your home or business property

Tree and shrub conservation include the following treatments:

  • Insecticide and Fungicide Spring Application (Mar-April)
  • Spring Deep Root Fertilizer (April)
  • Insecticide Summer Application (June-July)
  • Evergreen Winter Burn Protection (Nov-Dec)
  • Tree Services
  • Tree Services
  • Tree Services

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